Be Water Friendly

On average, Charlottetown residents use 305L
of water per day. We are asking everyone to
be water friendly and to make small changes
to reduce their water usage by 60L per day.

Get started by following our TIPS.

Water is something that we use every day. We turn on the faucet and it just appears. Then it goes right back down the drain. It may seem like we have an unlimited supply of it (especially being an Island), but that's just not the case. The reality is that we have a limited supply of suitable water that is distributed throughout our Charlottetown neighborhoods.

This is why we are asking residents to Be Water Friendly! By making little changes that can add up in a big way, you can help us sustain our water resources.

If we all take note of when using water becomes wasting water, in that moment we can make a change. Like turning off the faucet when you are brushing your teeth, or running a full load of laundry instead of several small loads. Installing water efficient appliances or fixing that pesky leak can reduce your water usage, and even save you money on your utility bill!